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The freshest and most contemporary jazz trio that turns the tables – the Canadians BadBadNotGood – are coming on Monday 3 June to close in the most triumphant way the 23rd Athens Jazz, at Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens.


Gazarte will be there to celebrate with its beloved neighbours the last day of the great Athenian jazz festival, presenting a night for powerful emotions!


Their explosive presence, their collaborations with top international producers and artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Tyler – The Creator, Ghostface Killah, Little Simz and their countless appearances at the biggest festivals worldwide, make BadBadNotGood one of the greatest and most representative examples of the contemporary music scene.


Their unstoppable jamming is transformed into well-staged chords in different directions that create a personal musical profile, which remains engraved and makes history. With characteristic ease and skill they transition from smooth jazz, to instrumental/alternative hip hop and experimental electronica.


On June 3, they are waiting for us at Technopolis to become participants in a musical experience that will test our musical limits and ecstasy.



Early Bird: 25 euros

Pre-sale: 28 euros

Box Office: 32 euros


Doors open: 20.00

Starts: 21.00


A few words about BadBadNotGood

BadBadNotGood formed in 2010, moving between three and four members before forming their current lineup in 2015. The band, aka Alexander Sowinski (drums), Chester Hansen (bass) and Leland Whitty (guitar and woodwinds), met in the jazz program at Humber College in Toronto. At the time, instead of working with traditional jazz standards, they decided to bypass them and draw from hip hop and other contemporary genres to create a unique sound rooted in black American music. The 2021 album Talk Memory is their fifth official release and pays tribute to those musicians and songwriters who were the band’s primary influences.





proudly present 


26 MAY 2024 



Athens, are you ready?

The disobedient Meute – the eleven-piece from Hamburg, Germany with the characteristic red jackets – who love to break the rules and defy boundaries, are coming on Sunday, May 26, at the opening of this year’s Athens Jazz 2024, at Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens.


Gazarte – as every year – is present at the biggest Athenian Jazz celebration, and this year presents the most explosive premiere, in collaboration with its beloved and enthusiastic neighbours.


The bass vibrates, the confetti shimmers in the air and the red uniforms make their appearance in the strobe light! A wave of uplifting techno and expressive brass music will sweep us away to ignite a unique night of electronic frenzy.


The techno philharmonic band – MEUTE – revolutionize techno music and redefine the concept of instrumental brass, using only acoustic instruments.


On the 26th of May we are invited to enjoy a unique performance that will be unforgettable for a long time!


Get ready to experience the bliss of a colorful and exciting experience that will get everyone up and dancing!


This unique evening will be opened by “The Thing”, the very special project of pianist Costis Christodoulou, to put us in the spirit with original music that, while based on the tradition of swing and blues (Charles Mingus and Duke Ellington), extends to modal sounds (Sun Ra and John Coltrane), composing a landscape of meditation.


The first opening day of the 23rd Athens Jazz – can’t but end with an explosive closing party on the Roof Stage of the Gazarte with many fine DJs to be announced soon!




Early Bird: 25 euros

Pre-sale: 28 euros

Box Office: 32 euros


Doors open: 20.00

Starts: 21.00


A few words about Meute

MEUTE, the eleven musicians from Hamburg, Germany, although they started as a small experiment on the streets of the St. Paul district, quickly grew into a worldwide phenomenon, leading to performances with artists such as Laurent Garnier, Stefan Bodzin, etc. Since the release of their 1st album Tumult in 2017, they reached 2024 to prepare for a world tour to promote their fourth album that came out in February called EMPOR.



The surprise band from America, the revelatory MONOPHONICS and with them the subversive TAF LATHOS.

An explosive combination that with its disarming energy will be unforgettable! MONOPHONICS need no introduction. The great psychedelic soul and heavy funk band from San Francisco, California, which for years has had a special relationship with the Greek public in Greece, this time having TAF LATHOS by their side : 01/09 Athens – Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, 02/09 Kavala – Sharpening, 03/09 Thessaloniki – Beer Festival, 05/09 Volos – Lab Art Yard, 06/09 Patras – Old Slaughterhouses.

Together with them TAF LATHOS, the artist who never stops experimenting and daring, always having hip hop as a starting point and point of reference, has managed to pass his music to diverse audiences, through his experimentations that start from funk and soul and reach the folk tradition.

MONOPHONICS & TAF LATHOS together, 01/09 Athens – Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens, 02/09 Kavala – Akontisma, 03/09 Thessaloniki – Beer Festival, 05/09 Volos – Lab Art Yard, 06/09 Patras – Old Slaughterhouses, to share music, spectacle and ideas, full of power and passion.



Ενημερώνουμε τους κατόχους εισιτηρίων της συναυλίας : Άλκηστις Πρωτοψάλτη και Μιχάλης Χατζηγιάννης – Τεχνόπολη 14 Ιουλίου – πως έχουν δικαίωμα αλλαγής ή επιστροφής των χρημάτων των εισιτηρίων τους, έως την Παρασκευή 30 Ιουλίου.
Πέραν της ημερομηνίας αυτής δεν θα υπάρχει δυνατότητα αλλαγής είτε επιστροφής.


Η Άλκηστις Πρωτοψάλτη και ο Μιχάλης Χατζηγιάννης, αυτό το καλοκαίρι – που όλοι περιμένουμε με λαχτάρα – θα μοιραστούν την σκηνή χαρίζοντάς μας «Μια αγκαλιά τραγούδια» την Τρίτη 31 Αυγούστου στην Τεχνόπολη!

Οι δύο τους, ενώνουν για πρώτη φορά τις φωνές τους και τα τραγούδια τους και μας προσκαλούν σε ένα δροσερό δίωρο μουσικό ταξίδι γεμάτο θετική διάθεση και αύρα καλοκαιριού .

Από το «Διθέσιο» και το «Πάρτυ», στη «Γιορτή» και το «Χέρια ψηλά». Και από το «Κι είμαστε ακόμα ζωντανοί» και το «Χορεύω» στα ολοκαίνουργια «Νικητές Χαμένοι» και «Κανένας μόνος», η Άλκηστις Πρωτοψάλτη και ο Μιχάλης Χατζηγιάννης παρέα με 7 υπέροχους μουσικούς και «Μια αγκαλιά τραγούδια», την Τρίτη 31 Αυγούστου στην Τεχνόπολη! Να είστε εκεί…!



Θωμάς Κοντογεώργης | Πιάνο

Σόλωνας Αποστολάκης | Keyboards

Πέτρος Βαρθακούρης | Mπάσσο

Παντελής Ντζιάλας | Κιθάρες

Σοφία Ευκλείδου | Τσέλο

Κώστας Μυλωνάς | Drums

Τάκης Βασιλείου | Κρουστά


Ενορχηστρώσεις: Θωμάς Κοντογεώργης 

Ηχοληψία : Ζαχαρίας Σταμούλος, Αντώνης Μωραΐτης

Φωτισμοί : Δημήτρης Λάιος

Βοηθός παραγωγής : Μυρτώ Μαγκριώτη

Οργάνωση παραγωγής : Tώνια Δραγούνη, Πασχάλης Μουχταρίδης

Ώρα έναρξης: 21:00


Λόγω της τρέχουσας πανδημικής κατάστασης και των πρωτόγνωρων συγκυριών που όλοι βιώνουμε, θα θέλαμε να σας ενημερώσουμε πως η συναυλία του Woodkid στις 14 Ιουλίου στην Τεχνόπολη του Δήμου Αθηναίων, δεν θα πραγματοποιηθεί.


Παρακαλούνται οι θεατές που έχουν αγοράσει το εισιτήριό τους με μετρητά να αποστείλουν στο email τον αριθμό παραγγελίας του εισιτηρίου τους και το IBAN του τραπεζικού τους λογαριασμού για να πραγματοποιηθεί η επιστροφή χρημάτων. Όσοι έχουν προμηθευτεί το εισιτήριό τους με πιστωτική/χρεωστική κάρτα, θα τους επιστραφεί αυτόματα το αντίτιμο του εισιτηρίου στο λογαριασμό της κάρτας τους.


Ευχαριστούμε για την κατανόηση και την υπομονή σας.
Stay safe and keep music live!