Friday 26 January


Ground Stage


Pre-sale: 15€
Box office: 18€


After a series of important performances and collaborations and after the special sensation and enthusiasm that the recent performance – proposal that celebrated Greek music with a new reading of the works of Thanos Mikroutsikos – caused, Maria Papageorgiou now presents – for two concerts only – her new proposal on the brand new stage of Gazarte, the Gazarte Ground Stage.


On Friday 19 and Friday 26 January 2024, Maria Papageorgiou and her musicians appear at the Gazarte Ground Stage in a different performance, without chairs, where audience and musicians are standing in the same space, seeking to abolish the concept of the conventional stage.


In this special concert setting, the repertoire that Maria Papageorgiou chooses from her personal discography, her western influences, but also from her underground routes in Greek singing will be special.


Radiohead talk to Stereo Nova and Pavlos Pavlidis’ journeys end in the organic house rhythms of Chilean Seba Campos, in a rare and vibrant sonic and scenic environment, where decades, languages, songwriters and their stories mix their pulses with those of the audience.



Euripides Zemenides – guitars

Thanos Michaelides – drums

Giorgos Danis – bass

Weronika Kijewska – cello

Irini Zoutsoutsou – vocals

Vasiliki Konstantello – vocals

Sotiris Papakos – sound design

Dimitris Stamatis – light design

Photos | Vassia Anagnostopoulou


Doors open : 20.30

Live starts : 21.30


Basic information about the Ground Stage

-It is located on the ground floor and is the new and renovated stage of Gazarte.

-It has a concert style and energy.

-Seating: Upright layout, no table seating.

-It has a balcony.

-There are 2 bars in the space for self service consumption.

-Accessible to disabled people – but not to the balcony.

-Smoking: Access to garden at the same level of the premises (adjacent).



*The consumption of food and beverages from the bar is optional.
Tickets do not include any consumption.


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