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A Culinary and Musical Extravaganza: Gazarte Roof Stage Presents Unforgettable Christmas and New Year’s Eve Dinner Parties


This holiday season, Gazarte Roof Stage invites you to savor an exquisite blend of gastronomic delights and live music under the starlit sky. Join us for an unforgettable Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinner experience that promises to elevate your festive celebrations to new heights.


Gourmet Delights and Signature Cocktails

Gazarte Roof Stage, known for its panoramic views and upscale ambiance, is proud to present a carefully curated Christmas and New Year’s Eve menu that showcases the culinary expertise of our talented chefs. Indulge in a gastronomic journey featuring seasonal specialties and signature cocktails, crafted to delight even the most discerning palates.

Live Jazz Accompaniment

As you enjoy the sumptuous courses, immerse yourself in the soulful tunes of a live jazz band specially curated for these evenings. The smooth melodies will create an intimate and enchanting atmosphere, adding a musical layer to your dining experience.

Party Vibes with DJ set

After the dinner concludes, get ready to transition from a sophisticated dining experience to a lively celebration. The night doesn’t end with the last bite; instead, it transforms into a crazy party featuring a dynamic DJ set. Dance the night away under the stars as the DJ spins the latest beats, ensuring a festive atmosphere that lasts until the early hours of the morning.


Menu Details:





Arancini with asparagus, garlic germ, cauliflower purée & prosciutto di Parma chips.


Parmentier Soup with a parsnip and flavored with truffle & rice chip tuile with Xinotiri Cheese of Ios island


Pistachio crusted turkey fillet, roasted beets, dried fruits, nuts, orange gel & kyano cheese mousse.

Main Course 

Greco Negro pork Bourguignon with king oyster, shallot, crispy polenta & Pinot Noir sauce flavored with chestnut chutney.


Cheesecake with fegientin, mascarpone cream & red forest fruit sauce.


Cost : 80 euro / person




Vegetarian option

Cannelloni with Bolognese from beyond meat, roasted pine nuts & spinach cream.



At Gazarte Roof Stage, we believe in creating magical moments that linger in the hearts of our guests. Our Christmas and New Year’s Eve dinners combine gourmet excellence with live music and a pulsating party atmosphere, making them the perfect setting for unforgettable celebrations.


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