Friday, November 10th


Main Stage


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Billy Cobham
A Celebration of Fifty Years of One Recording
Friday, November 10th
Gazarte – Main Stage 


The jazz maestro, the unsurpassed Billy Cobham, returns on Friday, November 1oth to Athens for a unique concert at Gazarte!

On the 50th anniversary of the legendary Spectrum album, Billy Cobham is back on tour to remind us why this album became a jazz benchmark, with the legendary Stratus track writing its own story and being harnessed by Massive Attack as a sample for ‘Safe from harm’.

Flanked by distinguished musicians such as Gary Husband (keyboards) who has been next to great figures in music such as John McLaughlin, Rocco Zifarelli (guitar) for 23 years guitarist of the great composer Ennio Morricone and Michael Mondesir (bass) who has collaborate with artists such as Jeff Beck and Whitney Houston.


The “god” of drums and leader of the jazz fusion scene, Billy Cobham, is ready to take us on a musical journey that we will never forget, giving the ideal, festive epilogue to the 22nd edition of Athens Jazz.

Billy Cobham, with his explosive energy and unparalleled technique, has indelibly influenced jazz and music in general. With significant collaborations with musicians such as Miles Davis, John McLaughlin and Stanley Clarke, Cobham has cemented his place as one of the leading musicians of his time


“In music you can’t lie. People will understand and they will say what you are. The more you are yourself, the more people will be thrilled. Because in music and especially in jazz, a free soul is looking for its mate…”

Get ready because Billy Cobham is coming to Gazarte on November 10th to rock the crowds and celebrate 50 years since the release of the legendary Spectrum!


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