Sunday, June 30



Free Entrance



Sunday, June 30

Gazarte Roof Stage

MusicFor offers a comprehensive range of courses that cover a broad spectrum of music education, both practical and theoretical. It also serves as a gateway for communication with renowned musicians from the global contemporary music scene and education.

To mark the end of the school year, and because we are always looking for reasons to listen to good music, we announce the now-established summer concert of our Music Ensembles. Both students and teachers are ready to energize you with their music and enthusiasm.

The GazARTE music stage will be set to welcome the MusicFor schools of Kerameikos and Korydallos on the last Sunday of June, showcasing beloved pieces from the international music scene.

Sunday, June 30, we await you all for a musical evening full of excitement, smiles, and summer vibes, to applaud the efforts of our students and welcome the summer together.


The party is here… Do not miss out!!!

Date: 30/06/2024

Start Time: 21:00

Doors Open: 20:30


Basic information about the Roof Stage:

  • Located on the first floor of Gazarte with a panoramic view of the city.
  • Operates as an open space in the summer and as an enclosed, heated space in the winter, with perimeter glass panels and a roof that can close.
  • Seating: On the Roof Stage, depending on the plan you see in the pre-sale, there is the possibility of numbered tables and chairs, but the setup is mostly relaxed with stools and bar seats.

*Free seating refers to a zone with unnumbered tables and chairs. The earlier you arrive, the more options you will have for seating (our doors always open 1 hour before the event starts).

*Standing – refers to standing room.

*The layout and placement of tables by zone are adjusted based on final sales by the venue.

  • Access: By staircase and elevator. Also accessible for people with disabilities.
  • Smoking: Access to a smoking terrace on the same level.
  • Entrance is on Voutadon Street.

*Consumption is not mandatory

Tickets are for the show and do not include drinks!

Ticket booking