FRIDAY JUNE 21, 2024


Roof Stage


Zone A: 15 euros
Zone B: 12 euros
Free Seating: 10 euros





FRIDAY, JUNE 21, 2024


Once again, the talented performer Yiannis Dionysiou returns to the welcoming rooftop of Gazarte to present the musical performance “At the Crossroads”. Songs from “First Walk”, songs he has performed in various collections or individually over the years, as well as unreleased ones that are currently being prepared.

The program also includes both older and contemporary songs from the “entekhno” music movement, along with an extensive reference to urban folk songwriting of the past hundred years. These represent his musical influences from childhood to today, in an effort to discover the richness of Greek music.

All this and much more will happen on Friday, June 21, 2024, at the Roof Stage of Gazarte with exceptional companions, with whom, as he himself mentions: “We share the journey, the stage, the van, and the moments, for the past three years. Giorgos Georgopoulos plays bouzouki, Fausto Sierakowski plays alto saxophone, Athinodoros Karkafiris plays guitar, Kostas Arsenis plays double bass, and Stratis Skourkeas plays percussion. Yiannis Tavoularis takes care of our sound. Panagiotis Kakaras and Melodica Art Productions, as always, are by our side organizing and managing the production. I thank them all! We look forward to seeing you there!”

Arrival time: 21:00

Start time: 22:00


Key Information about the Roof Stage

  • Located on the first floor of Gazarte with a panoramic view of the city.
  • Operates as an open space in the summer but can be enclosed with glass walls and roof, with heating available in winter.
  • Seating: Depending on the plan you see in the pre-sale, there are options for numbered tables and chairs, but the setup is generally more relaxed, mainly with stools and bar stools. *Free seating refers to a zone with unnumbered tables and chairs. The earlier you arrive, the more options you’ll have for seating (doors always open 1 hour before the event starts). *Standing refers to a standing area. *The plan and arrangement of tables per zone are configured based on final sales.
  • Access: Via staircase and elevator. Accessibility for people with disabilities is also available.
  • Smoking: Access to a smoking terrace on the same level.
  • Entrance: Located on Voutadon Street.

Consumption is not mandatory.

Tickets are for the show and do not include drinks!


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