Saturday, July 20



Early bird : 10 euros
General Admission : 12 euros

* Τickets do not include drinks


ROUS Live at Gazarte Roof Stage!
Saturday, July 20

A Unique Sunday!

Gazarte embraces every form of musical expression and the initiatives that develop and encourage it!

Traversing the third year of a series of highly successful performances across the country and following yet another sold-out live show at the Roof Stage, Giorgos Rous, this time with his band, takes the stage at Gazarte on Saturday, July 20, for a unique musical storytelling experience!

Talented and romantic, he fills the stage each time with positive energy, bringing the audience not just closer together, but also making them part of a mystical musical experience. Inspiration comes from everyday life images, and each of his songs is a story with heroes and passions that captivate interest. The result of each performance is a grand “togetherness.”

Introduced to the public as Rous in 2010, through the hit radio single “Exceptions,” which was declared song of the year, earning him a place among the best new artists. Following that, his first self-titled album was released. Songs like “Red Light,” “Puppets,” “Unfair in the Body,” “Everyone Dances with K,” and “Special Relationship” led us deeper into his world, revealing an artist with a distinctive musical identity. Later, he continued with songs such as “Street Flower,” “You,” “Gyzi,” “From Another Sea,” and “Which Love” from his second album “Rous II” (2017).

He has collaborated with great names in Greek music, both on stage and as a songwriter, such as Haris Alexiou, Yiannis Kotsiras, Christos Thivaios, and others.

Joining him on stage:

Maximos Drakos: piano
Yiannis Aggelopoulos: drums
Production – Management: Cricos

Admission Time: 20:00
Start Time: 21:00

Key Information about the Roof Stage:

Located on the first floor of Gazarte, offering panoramic views of the city.
Operates as an open space in summer and can be enclosed with glass and heated in winter.
Seating: The Roof Stage offers the possibility of numbered table seating depending on the plan you will see in the presale. However, the setup is more relaxed, mainly with stools and bar stools.
Free seating refers to a zone with unnumbered table seating. The earlier you arrive, the more options you will have for seating (our doors always open 1 hour before the event starts).
Standing – refers to a standing area.
The layout and placement of tables per zone are adjusted based on final sales by the venue.
Access: Via staircase and elevator. Accessible to people with disabilities.
Smoking: Access to a terrace on the same level for smoking.
The entrance is located on Voutadon Street.
Consumption is not mandatory. Tickets are for admission only and do not include drinks!

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