Fotis Siotas and his team at Gazarte on October 26th.

The “seconds”, the “two mistakes” and covers of well-known and unknown favourite songs.

Music from the Mediterranean , the Balkans , America and Piraeus from the past and from the future.

You have known him for many years through his excellent collaborations and you are happy every time you enjoy him on stage.

His career next to Socrates Malamas made him very popular with the audience and his own compositions came to confirm what we knew.

The great artist, with his infinite talent and great consistency in what he loves, will visit us for a unique musical evening at the Gazarte Roof Stage on Thursday 26 October.


Giorgos Fountoukos – clarinet

Kostis Kostakis – hawaii

Dimitris Tsekouras – double bass

Fotis Siotas – singing, violin, guitar

Jan van – drums

Kleon Antoniou – electric guitar


Yannis Dionysiou will close his wonderful concert summer at the Roof Stage of Gazarte on Friday, October 20 along with his excellent collaborators.

Yannis Dionysiou is one of the most talented and promising performers of his generation and has been singled out for his rare talent. He can easily cope with the whole spectrum of singing and stands out both for the recognizable color of his voice and for his interpretive power.


An additional element that also makes him special is the wide range of his voice, which enables him to move comfortably across the entire spectrum of inspired Greek singing.

He has already given the credentials of his rare talent with his successful live performances and enjoys the trust of important artists who have shared their work with him on stage.


He will perform beloved classic folk and rebetiko songs that have established him as an ambassador of this great musical tradition to our young audiences, as well as new songs included in his first solo album “First Volta” signed by acclaimed artists.

Yannis Dionysiou is a performer who “conquers” the stage and respects his audience, giving them unique musical performances.

You will soon find out for yourself.


Together with Yiannis the musicians:

Giorgos Georgopoulos: Bouzouki

Fausto Sierakowski: Saxophone

Athinodoros Karkafiris: Guitar

Kostas Arsenis: Double Bass

Stratis Skourkeas: Percussion

Yannis Tavoularis: Recording

Photo: Giorgos Spanos

Production: Melodica Art Productions

Artwork : Evros Voskarides


*Consumption is not compulsory

Tickets are show tickets and do not include drinks!



XAXAKES – Live Show!

Thursday 14 September


XAXAKES return for 1 special Live Show, at the Roof Stage of Gazarte, with a desire to redefine the meaning of live act for yet another time!


Through their unique LIVE show at the legendary Gazarte Roof Stage, the pioneering band promises to revive the atmosphere, aesthetics and energy of their first shows. Where subculture met style and everything had an authenticity with meaning and reason. Through this show, listeners will have a unique experience and get lost in the world of XAXAKES, in a world that is glamorous yet dark, where sets, costumes and theatricality are integral elements.


#GazarteRoofStage #NewSeason #MusicAlwaysOn


Arrival time: 20:00
Start time: 21:00


*Consumption is not compulsory

Tickets are show tickets and do not include drinks!



Telenova for the first time in Greece!

Athens 06.10 | Gazarte Roof Stage

Opening Act : Kit Kido 



They have already conquered the Greek radios with their sensational lead single “Bones” – and if you haven’t heard it already, get ready to put it on REPEAT!



The rising musical powerhouse – Telenova – the sensational band from Australia, are coming to Greece for the first time and promise to rock Athens on October 6, 2023, at the Gazarte Roof Stage!

Telenova’s music is an exciting mix of dark romance, trip-hop, electronica and unlimited creativity. Led by the incredibly talented Angeline Armstrong, this Melbourne-based group has taken the global music scene by storm. Their captivating sound has won accolades from BBC 6 Music, KCRW, Vogue Paris, NME, Triple J and many more.

Their debut EP, ‘Tranquilize’, released in 2021, set the stage for an enchanting journey, with lead single ‘Bones’ leaving listeners wanting more and more. The band’s energy and innovation earned them an AIR Breakthrough Artist 2022 award and a spot on Triple J’s Hottest 100, along with sold-out tours and major festival appearances across Australia.


Telenova’s live performance at the Gazarte Roof Stage will be an unforgettable visual and aural spectacle, awash with the band’s signature unique blend of music and captivating aesthetic.

Mark your calendars, grab your tickets and join us at the Gazarte Roof Stage on October 6, for a night of absolute musical explosion!


#GazarteRoofStage #NewSeason #MusicAlwaysOn

Showtime: 20:30
Start time: 21:30


Tickets are show tickets and do not include drink!









Τhe magic of the human voice, the beauty of speech and music, have their due on Monday 09 October at the Roof Stage of gazarte this summer for only two performances…

Lina Nikolakopoulou and Paraskevas Karasoulos bring Apostolos Kitsos, Panagiotis Lambouras and Thodoris Nikolaou to gazarte’s Roof Stage, in an anthology of their lyrical contributions to modern Greek discography.


For the first time in the history of modern Greek song, two important lyricists unite their worlds through the voices of young performers, recognising its preciousness. Together, the two beloved creators curate and co-author a musical performance based on the dialogue of their lyrics, images, songs…

On Monday 09 October, on the Roof Stage of gazarte, all this takes shape through the voices of three excellent young performers and musicians who illuminate in their own way songs that have stood the test of time, where they have become the reason for our emotion and feeling .


The orchestration of the performance is signed by the composer Christos Theodorou.

The pre-sale has started!


“Anasa mou ki aera” by Lina Nikolakopoulou and Paraskeias Karasoulos

Performed by: Apostolos Kitsos, Panagiotis Lambouras, Thodoris Nikolaou

Artistic editing: Lina Nikolakopoulou – Paraskevas Karasoulos

Orchestration: Christos Theodorou

With them the musicians: Christos Theodorou (piano), Lefteris Iousios (electric and acoustic guitar), Petros Kremyzakis (electric bass), Vasilis Chorianopoulos (drums)


Production: Mikri Arktos

*The consumption of food and beverages from the bar is optional.
Tickets do not include any consumption.

#MusicAlwaysOn #Let’sGetLoud #MusicMakesTheWorldGoRound




#OnThePulse #AwakeTheSenses

Arrival Time: 20:30

Start Time: 21:30









The beloved Gadjo Dilo, always true to their appointment with the Athenian audience and the Roof Stage of Gazarte, continue to perform at the same venue where they started 4 years ago, and as you can see from the love they receive from the audience, we will be having fun with them for a long time to come!


The special sound of Dadjo Dilo, “Manouche De Grec” as they call it, is a marriage of the musical tradition of gypsy jazz with the colours of Greek music. Gadjo Dilo’s passion draws the audience to dance and sing along with them every time. They improvise, experiment, and with songs from another era they bring us messages that are modern and hopeful!


SUNDAY 22 OCTOBER & 12 NOVEMBER, Gadjo Dilo come with gypsy jazz mood and lots of Greek flavor!

Line Up:
Sotiris Pomonis: Guitar
Kostas Mitropoulos: Guitar
Sergios Chrysovitsanos: Violin
Iliana Tsapatsari : Voice
George Roulos: double bass



#OnThePulse #AwakeTheSenses


Doors Open: 20:30
Show Start : 21:30






The Swingin’ Cats return to Gazarte Roof Stage, with the ultimate party mood, to take us on a night full of dancing and laughter.

The Swingin’ Cats – the only music band that snaps your mood into seconds and gets you dancing like crazy – with George Zervos as the band’s conductor and front man, have been performing for over 14 years, with hundreds of lives events in venues and festivals all over Greece and abroad.


A dance program with a wide range of Greek and foreign repertoire, with fun and extraordinary energy!


George Zervos: electric guitar, voice
Orestis Petrakis: keyboards
Stathis Paraskevopoulos: double bass
Dimitris Kalonaros: drums
Dimitris Papadopoulos: trumpet
George Zareas: trombone

Stefanos Hatzopoulos: sound engineer


*The consumption of food and beverages from the bar is optional.
Tickets do not include any consumption.


#MusicAlwaysOn #Let'sGetLoud #MusicMakesTheWorldGoRound


Arrival time: 21:30
Start time: 22:30


Saturday 4 November

8 years later in Athens…


MIKRO was formed in 1997 in Thessaloniki by Nikos Bizenis [a.k.a Nikonn] (vocals, synths, programming) and Yannis Lefkaditis (guitars-bass-saxophone-synths).

The two friends had a common vision for an electronic band with references to pop, rock and more alternative sounds. And they did it with great success!
They managed to establish the sound of MIKRO. A sound “polymorphic” and unique with elements of electronica, big beat, dance, break beat, drum n bass, easy listening, pop, disco and rock, combining male and female vocals.


In the 25 years of their career MIKRO have succeeded with many big hits, many successful live performances, 8 studio albums, 2 Best of, 3 soundtracks, many CD singles and digital singles and many remixes to Greek and foreign artists.

This year, they return to thrill the Athenian audience in a unique live performance, on Saturday 04 November at the Gazarte Roof Stage.


The “Mikro” are:

Nikos Bizenis (a.k.a Nikonn): programming, synths, vocals

Yannis Lefkaditis all guitars, synths, sax
Chloe Ann: vocals, synths
Christos Aslanidis (a.k.a 5irc): drums & pads


*The consumption of food and beverages from the bar is optional.
Tickets do not include any consumption.


#GazarteRoofStage #NewSeason #MusicAlwaysOn


Doors Open: 21:00
Start time: 22:00




NOIZ productions presents





For the first time in Greece Rome Streetz, Armani Caesar and Chyna Streetz!


One of the most respected names in underground hip-hop, Rome Streetz
is currently the hottest underground name, known for his
for the way he conveys in his tracks depictions of life from the
New York street life in his music. Growing up between London and Queens,
his unique style is best described as a combination
of raw New York Boom Bap with London grime. The
2022 Griselda released her first album “Kiss The Ring” in 2022.
which was edited by Westside Gunn as executive producer and won
a place on Rolling Stone’s list as one of the best 25 albums
of 2022! In 2023, “Wasn’t Built in a Day” was released.
His collaborations generally indicate his success with some
legends of the scene like Alchemist, Dj Green Lantern, Conway,
Westside Gunn, Dj Muggs, Method Man, Ransom, Boldy James, Dj Premier


Can she combine her hot looks with killer bars and styles?
Of course, she is Armani!
The first lady of Griselda who although, her influences at a young age
was Lil Kim & Missy Elliot, many liken her to Mega Thee
Stallion and Nicki Minaj but with a more underground sound that at the same time
modernizing the label. With collaborations from Kodak Black and Dj
Premier and of course all the members of Griselda always stands out.
The first steps in the music business were made with Dj Shay in 2009.
and after years he managed to sign with Griselda, which was the first time
released the amazing The Liz in 2020 and The Liz 2 in 2022.
After performing at Rolling Loud & Coachella she is ready for
a rare appearance that many fans are waiting for as she will be
it will be her first European tour!


Raised in New York City in a family of musicians, Streetz showed
a natural talent for music when she was just four years old. However,
her musical journey began with winning a rap battle.
Drawing inspiration from a variety of artists such as Lil’ Kim,
Salt-N-Pepa, Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliott and Janet Jackson, in 2018, the
Streetz released her first EP, “Weird Girl Antics,” which through
through which she showcases her unique style and ability to
blending classic hip-hop with R&B.
As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Chyna Streetz
admits that a career in the rap scene can be challenging.
Often underestimated because of her looks, Streetz has learned to
to cope through her strong performances.

*The consumption of food and beverages from the bar is optional.
Tickets do not include any consumption.


#GazarteRoofStage #NewSeason #MusicAlwaysOn


Doors Open: 21:00
Start time: 22:00



Unique, subversive and pioneering, the “rockstar” of saxophone Markus Ecklmayr, a.k.a. Max The Sax, returns to the Roof Stage of Gazarte, on Saturday 29 July, to give us the most exciting musical party!

The sought-after saxophonist, who introduced himself as a member and co-founder of Parov Stellar’s band and has been rocking clubs worldwide, arrives for a live performance on the most beautiful rooftop of Athens and promises us a night of fun and non-stop dancing, from the first to the last minute!

On Saturday, July 29th, we have a date at the Roof Stage of gazarte for a show with a lot of rhythm – but also a lot of dancing!

Pre-sale has started!

Short Bio: Max the Sax is a contemporary saxophonist and performer known for his dynamic performances. He has collaborated with various artists and bands, including Parov Stelar and Max the Sax Band. Max the Sax’s style incorporates elements of jazz, funk and electronic music, and he is known for his improvisational skills and commanding stage presence.


#OnThePulse #AwakeTheSenses

Showtime: 21:00

Start time: 22:00