Everyday Saturday / Premiering 11/11


Roof Stage


Zone A Numbered 25 euro
Zone B Numbered 20 euros
Free Zone EUR 17
Standing 14 euros

* Tickets do not include drinks
Drinking is not compulsory


ONIRAMA coming 

on Gazarte Roof Stage

…with a bunch of songs!

Premiering November 11th 


ONIRAMA return to Athens at night at their new venue in the heart of the city. From Saturday 11 November and every Saturday, the most dynamic band, with dozens of timeless hits and subversive collaborations, will transform the Gazarte Roof Stage into the ultimate winter venue in the heart of the city.



ONIRAMA, the band with the most collaborations both on record and on stage, this winter will share the Gazarte Roof Stage stage with a different guest every week. Eclectic friends will join them, giving us unique journeys into the world of music: The curtain opens on Saturday 11 November with Panos Mouzourakis, who will join his voice and his madness with ONIRAMA, giving rise to a series of special encounters. Following are:

– Rena Morfi (18/11)

– Yiota Nega (25/11).

– Polina (02/12)

– Eleonora Zouganeli (9/12)

– Paschalis (23/12)

and a surprise guest to close the year on 30/12!


Every Saturday, a constant companion in their madness, Alexandros Harizanis, stand up comedian and radio producer, having in his luggage miles of comedy and millions of views on social media, completes the puzzle with several surprises giving a hilarious touch to the Saturday live shows. He comically dissects the band, the audience and the surreal events that take place every night, in highlights that will give plenty of laughs, while together with ONIRAMA they will present a different musical side of the band. We can’t reveal more, you will see them in person.



With their inexhaustible and impressive energy, ONIRAMA will once again drag us into a unique party, “mixing” melodies, sounds and different musical eras and filling our evenings with good songs, rhythm and dancing!



Arrival time: 21:00

Start time: 22:00

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