Friday 31 May


Ground Stage


Presale: 23 euros



GAZARTE Ground Stage

FRIDAY 31 MAY 2024


Maustetytöt: an anti-pop band that writes great pop songs! The musical charm of contrasts…from Finland to Athens!


Maustetytöt: The two Finnish sisters, already “starring” in the music scene of their homeland, and not only! This winter they “dressed” with their performance the black comedy Fallen Leaves by arthouse veteran Aki Kaurismäki, and became talk of the town worldwide. In the film they sing one of their most successful songs, project themselves in a dark karaoke bar, like plastic dolls, with hardly any movement of their bodies and faces, and take us on a journey into their occult world. Will the end of this story be happy or not?


Maustetytöt with their unusual musical approach – unexpectedly simple stage presence, frozen faces, surrealistic pessimistic and laconic lyrics against a background of optimistic pop rhythms, deal with “difficult” topics such as drinking, violence, mental illness and war. Maustetytöt is definitely the other side of the coin of the happiest country in the world – and that seems to lead to an excellent recipe for success!


Maustetytöt themselves declare that they play electronic pop and their lyrics, which are imbued with black humour, often speak of the Finns’ almost innate sadness “Maybe pessimism is something that lives in most Finns”, says Anna. “It’s cold and dark up here, so being happy can be difficult.”


In May 2024 the band will embark on their first major European tour in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Primavera in Spain and of course, on May 31, they will perform at the Gazarte Ground Stage in Athens!



Doors open: 20:00

Starts: 21:00


Basic information about the Ground Stage

-It is located on the ground floor and is the new and renovated stage of Gazarte.

-It has a concert style and energy.

-Seating: Upright layout, no table seating.

-It has a balcony.

-There are 2 bars in the space for self service consumption.

-Accessible to disabled people – but not to the balcony.

-Smoking: Access to garden at the same level of the premises (adjacent).



*The consumption of food and beverages from the bar is optional.
Tickets do not include any consumption.


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