From Saturday 6 April, and every Saturday


Roof Stage


Zone A: 25 euro
Zone B: 20 euros
Free seating: 17 euros

* Tickets do not include drinks
Drinking is not compulsory


return to the rooftop of Gazarte
… with a bunch of songs!


From Saturday 6 April and every Saturday,
Gazarte Roof Stage


ONIRAMA, the most dynamic band, with dozens of timeless hits and subversive collaborations, returns to the Gazarte Roof Stage.


After their extremely successful performances last winter, they are coming, starting Saturday, April 6, with a renewed mood, new guests and “with a bunch of songs” to offer unique journeys to the world of music.



This time, the Gazarte stage will be shared with:

– Nikos Ziogalas (06/04)

– Christos Dantis (13/04)

– Mple (20/04)

– Dionysis Schoinas (27/04)


With their inexhaustible and impressive energy, ONIRAMA will once again drag us to a unique party, “mixing” melodies, sounds and different musical eras and filling our nights with good songs, rhythm and dance!


Arrival time: 21:00

Start time: 22:00


Basic information about the Roof Stage

-It is located on the first floor of Gazarte and offers panoramic views of the city.

-It functions both in summer as an open space and in winter, as the windows and the roof are closed around the perimeter and there is heating.

-Seating: At the Roof Stage depending on the plan you will see at the pre-sale, there is the possibility of numbered table seating, however the set up is more relaxed mainly with stools and stools.

*Free seating refers to a zone with unnumbered seating. The earlier you arrive at the venue, the more seating options you will have (our doors always open 1 hour before the event starts).

*Standing – refers to standing room.

*The plan and placement of the tables per zone are based on the final sales from the site.

-Access: from the staircase and by elevator. Access for people with disabilities.

-Smoking: Access on the same level to a terrace for smoking.

-The entrance is located on Voutadon Street.

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